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    When you purchase ANNT products, the thing that you invested is not only high quality product itself, but also the careful professional service standed by ANNT brand. Our service does not end by the finalization of sales. It was, is and will be that our consistent service is always alone with products you purchased.

Service items:Service Items:
1. Quality Assurance
The company offers one-year warranty period and lifetime maintenance.
2. Company Services
The company provides customers with technical parameters of the products and ideal plans to solve on-site problems about the working condition of the products. After customers receive the products, the company provides them with free on-site installation and debugging, and knowledge training about product structure, product performance, operation method, precautions, maintenance, safe operation etc. 
For some products, the company can provide customers with alternative old machine sets for them to use when their products are being repaired.
If any product has any problem which is not caused by misuse or damage by the user, per the user’s request, the company will appoint technical staff to help the user solve the problem on site with the least delay possible (within 24 hours for a near distance and within 48 hours for a far distance). If any hardware failure occurs under other circumstances, it is suggested that the user send the product to the company for maintenance.
3. Technical Consultation
If you have any question about the usage of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be at your service with all our efforts.